Expert in Indecision

Teenagers, California 1970s. Photo by Nacio Jan Brown

There is less than a month left of school and then I’m half way done with college and not coming back to Vassar until next Spring and time is passing by way too quickly… I just want to be able to hold onto some things for a while and not constantly worry about what will happen when they aren’t there.  


are you a dog? no ? goodbye


please pray for..

please cum for me

How many times have you seen a reluctant child being forced towards a looming relative in order to be hugged or kissed against their will? […] What’s the message the child is receiving from those people she or he is supposed to trust the most?
by A. R. Goldstein. Bea Magazine. “What do we teach small children about consent?” Available online. (via fallingskyhooks)